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Now for Some of what went on in 2011...

Posting for: August / September / October 2011

It's been another busy few months for the Frustrated team. Click HERE to see what we've been up to on with our fundraising activities.

If you're interested in personalized or business Charity Christmas Cards why not download this catalogue (it's a pdf file - hope that's OK for you). We will receive 50 pence for every card you buy with our charity details on them.

Tom from 'Phil' the Bag

'Phil' the Bag's cheerful driver, Tom, picked up our first batch of bags in October 2011.

We have had bags of interest in 'Phil' the Bag -
our own collection of unwanted clothes, material and shoes for which we receive payment from the recycling firm behind 'Phil' the Bag.

In October 2011 Waitrose branch in Harrow Weald have chosen Frustrated Communication as one of three charities and will share £1,000 between the three depending on how many tokens are placed in each charity box. So if you shop at Waitrose and Harrow Weald is close to you please support us with your tokens. Ask for the tokens at the till when you buy anything at the Harrow Weald store.
Thank you and thank you Waitrose.

Thanks again for visiting our site.

David Bays
Frustrated Communication

August / September / October 2011

Posting for: June / July 2011

Well for starters this new website. What do you think? I am biased, of course. It's taken me a while... and it is a bit wordy. That's the trouble with some dyslexics when we start we don't know when to stop.

All the good bits I had help with. All the not so good bits are all my own work. Click HERE to go to our Links + Thanks page, which lists some of those who have helped this site and other things get off the ground.

We are organising a few fundraising events too. Click HERE to go to our fundraising pages.

One of the pages I particularly like is the Learn More - A little about Dyslexia. Click HERE to see what I mean.

When we get new things we hope to post them here or provide a link to the new page.

Let us have your feedback. Click HERE to go to our contact page. (We hope to make this a little easier in the future .. so please bear with us).

Thanks again for visiting our site.

David Bays
Frustrated Communication

June / July 2011