We're only small - so we look for small projects
where we can help and make a difference....
(Graphic courtesy of WetInk.)

We are small by many standards, but we are growing by any standards, albeit from a low base and with the odd hiccup. We distributed, for the year to March 2015: £8,309 and for the 7 years to March 2015: £43,654. Showing increases in most years (£1,700, £3,350, £5,042, £6,723, £8,882, £9,648 and £8,309). By our approach we try to have a bigger impact than the scale of these distributions might imply.

We continue to grow our fundraising efforts and are pleased with this progress. These efforts and the support of so many friends, both old and new, helps to further increase our distributions and the work we do.

We try to support organisations we have supported in the past to give them an element of continuous funding.

The section on About Us - our Approach to Distributions - describes how we select the charities and organisations and the services and equipment we fund.

We aim to distribute 75% of each year's money to help those with communication difficulties and up to 25% to support those with Cancer or Diabetes. In these last two areas we focus on communications with sufferers and their carers. Increasingly our focus is on projects which encourage early diagnosis which it is believed will improve treatment and outcomes.

The left hand column lists the charities and organisations we have supported. You can access each page relating to those organisations by "left" clicking on the names on that list.

Each page briefly describes the organisation, how we have tried to help and has a link to the organisation's web site plus the Charity Commission's page on its web site. Where these are not available links are to an umbrella organisation.

Website links, on these pages, are generally accessed by "left" clicking on the organisations' or the Charity Commission's logos.