Kids Can Achieve

Kids Can Achieve
Kids Can Achieve
Cedars Hall
Chicheley Road
Harrow Weald

Tel.: 020 8420 2300.
(New address and 'phone number as of January 2012)

Kids Can Achieve was formed in October 2002 by local parents, concerned professionals and members of the community in Harrow.

Kids Can Achieve was formed to support local children and young people whose educational, emotional and social and psychological difficulties were not being recognised. As a result of this gap in provision these children were developing complex behaviours and lacked the social and coping skills, which enable them to learn, play and socialise and have normal life opportunities.

It became apparent that children from within the range of diagnoses which include ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Aspergers, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Schizophrenia and general communication disorders were particularly affected by this absence of understanding and suitable provision.

Kids Can Achieve supports children with special needs and their carers. They aim to meet each child's individual needs, support their carers, work in partnership with other agencies with which they are involved and create a caring and comfortable environment in which they can thrive. They gear all their work towards helping these children achieve their full potential and integrate them into mainstream activities wherever possible.

Kids Can Achieve runs:
an Ofsted registered term-time setting for children currently unable to attend school,
After School Clubs,
Youth Group,
Art Psychotherapy,
Holiday Schemes and outings,
football and swimming.

In addition they provide:
Complementary Therapies,
1:1 support,
training for children and carers,
1:1 outreach support in family homes and mainstream settings eg schools and other holiday schemes.

Charity Commission
Click to visit the Charity's page on the Charity Commission website. (Registered Charity No.: 1096796)

How Frustrated Communication found Kids Can Achieve -

Having spotted this locally run charity we carried out a little research before we approached it to find out more. With each contact we became more impressed by the team's dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism.

How Frustrated Communication has helped:

In March 2010 we provided funds to buy PECS System reading and word recognition cards and kit and provided training for the use of this system. The Kids Can Achieve Team identified these as useful additions to their resources to help some of their children communicate more successfully.

In March 2011 we added to these resources and also provided funds for Makaton sign language training again identified by the team as useful in their work with these children.

Feedback on the resources provided by Frustrated Communication:

Clare Murray, Business Development Officer at Kids Can Achieve commented in February 2011:
"The PECS resources and training have had a lot of use over the last few months, and have been extremely useful.

"Six of our regular children are now using the PEC system, as well as several more children who attend our services on a more casual basis, such as during the school holidays. These children all have limited speech so being able to communicate with them in this way really enhances their time with us. It means they can tell our staff the kinds of activities they would like to do and their needs and requirements.

"Through the use of activity pictures we are also able to offer a little more structure to the children's days - something which is particularly beneficial for children with Autism, who find transitions between different activities much more manageable when they know in advance what they are going to be doing."