Links and a big, big thank you.

Many people have supported us and not just with donations but with invaluable knowledge and encouragement. These are just a few to whom we are grateful - so thank you all.

Help and support with this website

the Quintin Boat Club Roger Hine of the Quintin Boat Club -
for use of their outline website design and more.

Ian + Grace Bays - for helping over the years.

the Rotary Club of Pinner Brian Glozier - webmaster at the Rotary Club of Pinner

Vivamex Data Management John Platten - Vivamex Data Management - and member of the Rotary Club of Pinner

Steve Morrisby - Bidmuthin Technologies Ltd - another member of the Rotary Club of Pinner

Bob Watson + Steve Kwong - fellow members of Harrow Computer Club

Robert Warren - Consensus Investments

Eddie Tucker - Bulletin Editor at the Rotary Club of Pinner

Anthea Maybury

Many other things besides

Grant Haggith - for support, encouragement and ideas

Trevor Walker and Arnold Gee of the Rotary Club of Pinner - for their unstinting encouragement and support.

Jenny + Alan Connell - for some of their early thoughts and encouragement

Inga Stone - for help and marketing encouragement

Gibbs Gillespie Gibbs Gillespie, Estate Agents - for photocopying of charity updates and short run leaflets and posters

Friends Restaurant Friends Restaurant, Pinner - for support in our efforts to sell photos to raise money for this charity. Plus and enormous thank you to Terry Farr for providing recipes for our Local Pinner Calendars and for helping us to sell them.

Queens Head Pinner Queens Head, Pinner - for support and sponsorship of our Local Charity Calendar and generally raising money and awareness.

KuberaWealth - Financial and Lifestyle Planning with a difference - for sponsorship and promotion of our Local Charity Calendar and general fundraising and support.

Sainsbury's - Pinner Store - for facilitating our collections since 2011.

Locate Waitrose branch in Harrow Weald Waitrose' branches in Harrow Weald, Brent Cross, South Harrow and Northwood, through their Community Matters initiative and the support of the shoppers at those stores since they first helped us, and what we do, in 2011.

Pinnerlocal Pinnerlocal is a great source of local information and very supportive of local events and charities.

WDP Communications
WDP Communications - for help with printing and design work

Dash UK Dash UK - for printing our Christmas Cards

If we have omitted anyone please forgive us for that oversight....
and give us a nudge and we will do what we can to remedy the omission