Alzheimer's Society - Support Groups
(Local Branches)

Alzheimer's Society Leading the fight against dementia Alzheimer's Society
Harrow and Hillingdon Services
Templeton Centre
Joel Street
Northwood Hills

Tel No :-01923 823 999.

Local Branches of the Alzheimer's Society
The Templeton Day Centre - Hillingdon
The Huntingdon Support Group.

Provide invaluable, practical, support for those who suffer from dementia, their families and carers.

The Templeton Centre provides:

The Templeton Day Centre - Day Care for younger persons with a diagnosis of dementia

A Branch Newsletter

Carers Training - Training for unpaid family Carers of persons with dementia

Dementia Adviser Harrow - For people who are referred to the service: the provision of a highly responsive, individualised information and signposting service to people with a diagnosis of dementia, their immediate carers, families and friends.

Outreach - Supporting persons with dementia and carers in the community, ensuring people are receiving all the services, benefits and entitlements for which they are eligible.
Support Line - Telephone support line


Additional Services include:
Evening Support Groups, the Hayes Cafe, Hillingdon Carers Support Group, Men's Group, Sunday Tea Party, Templeton Cafe and The Templeton Saturday Day Centre.

Charity Commission
Click to visit the Alzheimer's Society's page on the Charity Commission website. (Registered Charity No.: 296645)

How Frustrated Communication found these Alzheimer's Support Groups -

The mother of our trustee and founder, Pat Bays, suffered from Alzheimer's disease and in the process of caring for her we found both the Huntingdon and Templeton Centres and found what an invaluable service they provide. Our support for Alzheimer's support groups will not be limited, in future, to these branches but we felt it was important to support those we know have provided an excellent service.

How Frustrated Communication has helped:

In 2009, 2010 and 2011 we have provided funds to enable the Templeton Centre to produce and circulate their News Letter to help communicate with and help those with, and those who care for people with, dementia.

In 2010 we also provided funds to the Huntingdon Support Group for the same purpose.

Feedback on the resources provided by Frustrated Communication

Linda Matthews, Support Services Manager at the Templeton Centre tells us:

"A local newsletter is vital to inform readers about local issues and concerns, any changes in the care field, dates of meetings and forthcoming events, in addition to all the regular information regarding our services.
"Most importantly our readers tell us that a newsletter helps them to realise that they are not alone."