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Listening Books

Listening Books
12, Lant Street,

Tel: 020 7407 9417

Listening Books is a UK charity providing thousands of fantastic audiobooks on three easily accessible formats: downloads, internet streaming and MP3 CDs.

It has some 20,000 members and its service is available to anyone who has a disability or illness which makes it difficult to hold a book, turn its pages, or read in the usual way.

Half of their members have some form of learning difficulty or special educational needs of which many are dyslexic.

Listening Books helps two of their
members revise for exams.

The Listening Books' library caters for both adults and children.

They provide audiobooks for leisure and support the National Curriculum from Key Stage 2 to A-Level. All of their titles are either commercially sourced or recorded in our own digital studios.

Listening Books also provides its members with specialist equipment including CD players with easy to use keys and with features to help those using audiobooks, including picking up a book where you left off.

Charity Commission
Click to visit the Charity's page on the Charity Commission website. (Registered Charity No.: 264221)

How Frustrated Communication found Listening Books -

We were trying to find a charity, like the Royal National Institute for the Blind - but perhaps smaller - which provided audio books for the blind. To help the sight impaired to enjoy the written word. We found Listening Books thanks to Google. Then found they also helped children with dyslexia to better access the written word, helping them with National Curriculum studies and to keep pace with their fellow students.

The audiobook Master Copies that Listening Books buy in from organisations like the BBC, enable them to make a number of copies to lend out to their members.

How Frustrated Communication has helped:

In 2010 we provided funds to buy a number of Master Copies of audiobooks for dyslexic students to help them keep up with their classmates.

In 2011 we again provided funds to buy a number of Master Copies of audiobooks for dyslexic students.