Annual Update 2011

We have moved forward in many ways in 2011.

We feel that one of our biggest achievements has been this website through which we hope to keep those interested in our work informed. This year, at least, we have not produced our annual, hard copy, update (good or bad? Let us know - please.)

We have put more effort into fundraising activities and events - still small, but fun! - with coffee mornings, garden parties and historic guided walks. See our pages on this .

Wow! Stacks of Tokens on the Right!

Wow! Stacks of Tokens on the Right!

We were overwhelmed with the generosity of Waitrose' branch in Harrow Weald, through their Community Matters initiative and the support of the shoppers at that store during October. In early December we picked up a cheque for £510 out of the £1,000 they shared between three charities for October. So a big thank you to Waitrose and to those who put the green tokens in our box!

Since this charity was set up in 2007 we have supported organisations and charities, which help those in the UK with communication difficulties, cancer and diabetes, with equipment, services and training to further their work. Visit our Distribution section to see what we have done in the past.

100% of the money we raise directly pays for these resources. We are a charity run by volunteers and charge no administration costs.

We still distribute around half of our money locally but also help organisations, elsewhere in the UK, who support those who need help in our chosen fields. Through this approach we are able to monitor the use and benefits of the resources we provide. In future we hope grow our work further a field, within the UK.

We distributed, in the year to March 2011: £5,042 and in the 3 years to March 2011: £10,092. These increased each year (£1,700, £3,350 and £5,042). By our approach we try to have a bigger impact than the scale of these distributions might imply. We know we are small by many standards, but we are growing by any standards. We hope to increase this to over £6,000 in the current year to March 2012.

Of the distributions made in the year to March 2011 76% helped those with communication difficulties and 24% supported people with cancer and diabetes. 68% helped adult sufferers and 32% young people, whilst 30% of our distributions were "offender related".

Once again we have supported St Giles Trust, providing money to send a couple of their team on a "hidden disability questionnaire" course to help identify problems suffered by staff and clients in the areas of dyslexia and those on the autistic spectrum.

We provided funds to Community Link Up to support their adult computer club for clients with autism; Kids Can Achieve for Makaton sign language training and ADHD and Autism Support, Harrow for sleep workshop and training to help those with ADHD and family members readjust their sleep patterns to better cope with disrupted days and nights - caused by the ADHD sufferer.

We helped Listening Books buy more master copies of audio books to help dyslexic children with their studies and contributed to funds for touch screen equipment at Bedford House , residential and day centre for adults with severe communication and physical disabilities.

We contributed to the printing costs: of news letters for the Templeton Centre - Alzheimer's Support Group and to bowel cancer awareness leaflets for Bowel Cancer UK to encourage early diagnosis. We again supported Breast Cancer Care's help line and provided further funds for Diabetes UK's away weekends to inform children with newly diagnosed diabetes and their families on how to cope with this condition and how to lead a normal life.

We hope to develop our support of young people who are at risk of offending, anti-social behaviour or exclusion from school. They suffer real frustrations in communication with the world and people around them. We genuinely hope, in our small way, that the resources we fund, together with the tremendous and inspiring input from teachers, volunteers and social workers, Like a pebble dropped gently in a pond... helps these young people and those around them. We have funded more resources to another school in Harrow. See the encouraging feedback - at the bottom of the page covering our earlier grants made to the Harrow Youth Inclusion Support Panel and the Hillingdon Targeted Youth Support team. As we receive feedback and gain contacts we hope we can roll this out further a field in a meaningful way. Like a pebble dropped gently in a pond..... This is just one of the areas where we try to make a difference, in our small but - with your help - growing way.

So please keep an eye on what we do - let us know what you think and help us when you can.

Every little helps. Thank you for your support and for your interest.

With Season's Greetings and Very Best Wishes for 2012.

David Bays
Frustrated Communication
November + December 2011

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