Annual Update 2010

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We were, once again, blessed to receive an anonymous donation of £1,000 (we suspect not from the same source as the one received last year) which helped us increase the level of our distributions. Thank you for your generosity. The founders continue to support the charity's efforts both with donations and with their time and efforts.

Distributions in the year to March 2010
During the year to 31st March 2009 (the first year in which we made distributions) we distributed £1,700 to Charities and Good Causes focusing on the support of those with Communication Difficulties and those with Cancer and Diabetes. In the latest year to March 2010 this nearly doubled to £3,350.

This year 11 organisations benefited from the Charity's funds and the average distribution increased by over 40%. In accordance with our Trust Deed we distributed 76% of these funds to organisations helping those with Communication Difficulties and 24% to support people with Cancer or Diabetes. 61% supported predominantly adult sufferers (last year 53%); 61% helped local organisations (last year 71%). This year only 12% supported Offender Related Organisations compared with 47% last year.

This reflects the Trustees' desire to increase our help for adult sufferers across the wider UK. We hope next year to increase distributions to Offender Related Organisations since we believe those with communication difficulties proportionally run a greater risk of offending and work in this area can help both the individuals involved and the wider community.

We again supported many of the organisations, which benefited from our funds in 2008/09. We try to target our funds to the front line where people need help and one of our approaches continues to be helping organisations to communicate with their clients and their clients' carers.

Distributions - Communication Difficulties
We contributed to the printing costs of a News Letter for the Templeton Centre (Alzheimer's Support Group based in Northwood, Middlesex) and made a similar contribution to a Cambridgeshire Support Group - little things like this help the carers for those with Alzheimer's to find some of the help they need and benefit from the experiences of others, underlining the fact that they are not alone.

We once again provided funds to enhance the Sensory Garden at Bedford House (in Pinner) - a residential and day centre for adults with severe physical and learning difficulties. This year's contribution purchased aromatic plants for their Sensory Garden.

In 2008/09 we provided funds to Harrow's Youth Inclusion Support Panel (YISP) and received very encouraging feedback on the effectiveness of some of the strategy games for use with youths at risk of exclusion - helping them with communication, anger and self esteem issues. This year we provided similar equipment to Hillingdon's Targeted Youth Support Team and have been encouraged by their use of and response to this equipment.

Again we supported Community Link Up (www.linkup.org.uk) but this year helped to fund their Adult's Computer Course for those with challenges such as Autism, Assburger's (or Asperger's) and Down's Syndrome to use computers. Even without these added challenges computers and some software can be frustrating. Volunteers, mostly aged between 16 and 18 from local schools, help these adult students on a one to one basis. Our Trustee, David Bays, visited a couple of these classes and was truly impressed how well they work together. A local ADHD and Autism support centre, Kids Can Achieve (www.kidscanachieve.co.uk) has a great reputation for helping youngsters, and their families, with these sorts of problems. Many need help with basic communication skills and we supported them by paying for a PECS system of cards with words and pictures together with some training to get the most out of the equipment.

The neighbouring ADHD Support Centre (www.adhdsupportharrow.co.uk) helps adults with ADHD, which often runs in families. After school age, support for adults with ADHD, is sadly thin on the ground. This centre provides a much needed refuge and help with everyday life. They asked if we would help towards the cost of producing leaflets and an information pack for those who have recently realised that this is their problem and have joined the group. We were only too pleased to help and understand these packs have been well received.

Listening Books (www.listening-books.org.uk) is a national charity, which helps over 14,000 people around the UK, who find it difficult or impossible to read, either due to illness or disability. They provide audio books some of which support the National Curriculum from Key Stage 2 to A Level. Half of their clients suffer from Dyslexia and the provision of these books enable students with limited access to the written word to keep up with their classmates. We provided funds to purchase a number of Master Copies of audio books to enable this charity to make copies for loan to their clients.

Distributions - Cancer and Diabetes
Again we maintained the approach of helping organisations communicate with those who suffer from these conditions. We contributed, in our small way, to Breast Cancer Care's (www.breastcancercare.org.uk) National telephone Help Line and to one of Diabetes UK's (www.diabetes.org.uk) Awareness weekends for families of children newly diagnosed with diabetes. This year we also contributed to Bowel Cancer UK (www.bowelcanceruk.org.uk) towards the printing of leaflets and posters to help promote awareness and diagnosis of Bowel Cancer.

In the Current Year we hope to further fund a little more of the work of St Giles Trust (www.stgilestrust.org.uk), mentioned in last year's up date.

Fund Raising
As mentioned earlier we received another anonymous donation of £1,000 this year, which helped us increase the level of our distributions. Thank you for your generosity.

The founders continue to support the charity's efforts both with donations and with their time and efforts. They provide both new cash and the funds from previously donated Permanent Endowments (although it has to be said that at the moment these are not generating much of a return.)

We have received many donations from a wide variety of well-wishers. Some we have known for a long time whilst some are new friends. Thank you all, not just for your financial support but also for your encouragement and good wishes.

Our small but growing fundraising efforts include the sale of Christmas Cards; the distribution of loose change collection boxes and the sale of Photo CDs - photographs taken on a group holiday.

We are almost to the point of launching a website for the charity, which eventually should include elements to help with our fundraising efforts. This has taken a little longer than intended, perhaps David's mistake was to try to learn HTML and its related languages (well not learn, but understand enough - he thinks! He says he's getting there!!).

Other Fundraising for the Rotary Club of Pinner. David Bays, our most active Trustee, spent large parts of the year raising money, with the help of many of the members of his local Rotary Club, for causes such as the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake (through ShelterBox), Polio Eradication, Teenage Cancer Trust, Cancer Research UK and many local youth charities, including some supported by Frustrated Communication.

Help from Others
Many friends have helped us in many ways, not least the members of our local Rotary Club. Just a few of particular note are: Laurence Magee, treasurer of the Rotary Club of Pinner, who is one of our Trustees, along with David and Patricia Bays. Laurence has proved an extremely useful sounding board as have a number of other members of the Rotary Club and a number of former colleagues from the City. Thank you all. Trevor Walker, current President of the Rotary Club, having worked as a Building Society Manager and advisor through Business Link has helped a number of the clients of our supported Charities with their CVs and job applications. Long time friend, Rona Baker, who has worked in education, including special needs education for many years has recently started to help assess the usefulness and effectiveness of the equipment provided to the Targeted Youth Support Teams and if appropriate help to improve what we offer in this area.

As always we have been stunned by the enthusiasm and dedication of all those who work in the organisations we have supported. From those who organise the charities and activities, those who help those who need help - many of whom are unable to help themselves - to the young volunteers helping the Community Link Up clients learn how to use computers. They are all truly inspirational and do a tremendous job.

We just try to find organisations on the front line of areas we wish to support. We then try to find, with them, equipment and services they need and might otherwise have difficulty funding and then in our very small, but we believe growing way help to fund those wishes. Like a pebble dropped in a pond, who is to say where the ripples will reach?

Contact Information
Frustrated Communication is the main operating name of
The David and Patricia Bays Charitable Foundation (Registered Charity No: 1118475)
We are a young, small but, growing UK Charity Working hard for those with communication difficulties and supporting people with Cancer and Diabetes

Trustees: David Bays, Patricia Bays and Laurence Magee
Postal Contact: Frustrated Communication PO Box 537, Pinner, Middlesex, HA5 9EQ
Email: info@frustrated-communication.org.uk

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