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A Local Pinner, Charity Calendar....
Who helped us sell our 2013 calendars?
The following local retailers and businesses
very kindly supported us by selling calendars.
All the profits we made from the sale of these calendars
support people in the Pinner area.

In total we raised just over £1,200 from the sale of these calendars.
These retailers and businesses very generously helped us to sell this calendar and did not make a charge to do so - Thank you all.

Friends Restaurant
Friends Restaurant,
11 High Street,
Pinner, HA5 5PJ

Lines of Pinner
Lines of Pinner
26 High Street,
Pinner, HA5 5PW

The Village Gallery
The Village Gallery,
37 High Street,
Pinner, HA5 5PJ

Saryan Picture Framing + Art
Saryan Picture Framing + Art,
43 Bridge Street,
Pinner, HA5 3HR

Grant & Glass
Grant & Glass,
3 Red Lion Parade,
Bridge Street,
Pinner, HA5 3JD

Kitts Travel
Kitts Travel,
5 Barters Walk,
Pinner, HA5 5LU
(by Sainsbury's)

Scarlet & Jones
Scarlet & Jones,
9 Bridge Street,
Pinner, HA5 3HR

Berkeley Square
Berkeley Square,
6 Red Lion Parade,
Bridge Street,
Pinner, HA5 3JD

De'Paul Jewellery
De'paul Jewellery,
16 High Street
Pinner, HA5 5PW

Hallmark - Happy Day
Happy Day - Hallmark
4 Red Lion Parade,
Bridge Street,
Pinner, HA5 3JD

Oddfellows Arms
The Oddfellows Arms,
2 Waxwell Lane,
Pinner, HA5 3EN

Pinner Hill Golf Club
Pinner Hill Golf Club,
South View Road,
Pinner, HA5 3YA

Mansi Florist
Mansi Florist,
3 Pinner Green,
Pinner, HA5 2AF

Yummy Home
Yummy Home,
1 High Street,
Pinner, HA5 5PJ

Pinner News
Pinner News,
8 Bridge Street,
Pinner, HA5 3JE

In early October we set up a display in the, very helpful, Pinner Library to explain a little about the charity, display pages and postcards from this local Pinner charity calendar and let you know where you could buy one (or more).

Other shops, websites and publications helped us by displaying posters showing where the calendars could be bought. These were:
   C C Vassar (News Agents)
        + Ed's Party Pieces, 17 Love Lane, Pinner, HA5 3EE
   Kevins Schoolwear, 104 Marsh Road, Pinner, HA5 5NA
   pinnerlocal website listed the outlets for us
   and Your Pinner News carried an article on the calendar
         in it's November issue which listed many of the shops.

Thank you all for your support.

Many businesses have supported us in many ways through the production and sale of this local charity calendar, very few more so than locally based Estate Agents - Gibbs Gillespie.

Gibbs Gillespie's help with Posters

We hope you will support us + of course all Pinner's local shops + businesses. That's what keeps our village alive.