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A few links with more information relating to the sights and scenes featured in the detachable postcards in our 2013 Pinner Charity Calendar. Click on the text below the picture to visit other sites with information on the subjects - have fun.
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Elliot Hall - Art Centre Hatch End

Pinner High Street 

Pinner Parish Church
& L'Orient Restaurant

Merrydowners Morris & the Queens Head
on St Georges Day

Wax Well at the top of Waxwell Lane

West House, Memorial Park and PinnerLocal information.

Pinner Hill Golf Club

The Folly,
Pinner Hill Farm,
Pinner Hill Road.

The Harrow Concert Band and Pinner Village Show.

Friends Restaurant,
11 High Street,

The Odd Fellows Arms,
2 Waxwell Lane,

Pinner War Memorial.

Two accounts and meanings.

If you've got this far you might like to see the plaque on the Wax Well which says:
"Wax Well Name was first recorded in 1274 as "Wakeswell" thought to mean "Waecc's" spring. Until mid-19th century the well was the most important source of water in Pinner Village and reputed to have healing properties."

This is not quite the same as the derivation on Peter Bartlett's website which says:
"Wax-Well, at the end of Waxwell Lane, is thought to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon Woecce - to guard. It is adjacent to Waxwell that we find Grimes Dyke, an ancient earthworks constructed in pre-Roman days and which formed the ancient boundaries of Mercia."

The beauty of history - it's not cast in stone! The mystery of history?

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