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Time flies     Time is flying so I must be having fun,
    though this website is far from up to date.
    It still provides the gist of what we do -
    we do most and a little more, if a little late.

    The site needs a redesign.
    I'll get round to it, for sure
    I just need to find the time
    When... I'm not so ..... certain.

Time has wings     If you find time please ask him to return.

    Time is flying, I must be having fun.
    So much to do, yet so little done.
    Easily distracted, that's my crime
    Butterfly brain, but I am still trying!

Pinner from on high

Recently David had the rare opportunity to take a few photos from the top of St John the Baptist's (Pinner Parish) Church Tower thanks to a couple of Friends of Pinner Parish Church.

Overcoming his poor head for heights he was escorted to the top of the tower. The above photo from the camera of .... was one of the results. This one was featured on the home page of PinnerLocal where, amongst many other good things, you will find a write up and more photos (not from David's camera) of the St George's Day celebrations in Pinner, during April each year. These celebrations were organised by David's colleagues at the Rotary Club of Pinner (yet more photos) helped by Gordon Williams and a few others. Despite the fact that the weather turned cold it was a most enjoyable day and a great time was had by all.

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Frustrated Communication was registered as a charity in 2007 by its founders David and Patricia Bays, who wanted to "put a little more back". They wanted to help residents of the UK who suffer from issues that have impacted on themselves and their families.

These are some of the causes, charities and organisations we support - often in our own special way.

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We provide grants to Charities and Organisations, which are active on the front line of the areas we support.

Hence the wide range of challenging conditions included in the charity's objectives. It aims to help people with Communication Difficulties - including, but not exclusively, those suffering from Dyslexia, Autism, Alzheimer's Disease and Strokes - and people suffering from Cancer and Diabetes.

Much of the money distributed so far has been from the founders' own resources. They continue and will continue to heavily support the charity but have also started to raise money from friends and contacts to further support this work.

It is, and is likely to remain, a small UK Charity. We provide grants for specific services and equipment to other Charities and Organisations, which are active on the front line of the areas described in Frustrated Communication's charitable objectives. We thank all those who have helped in every area of this activity.

Please explore our site further. You may find nuggets of interest. Please accept our website Guarantee in the spirit it is intended.

Our Website Guarantee

The Charity's Registered name is "the David and Patricia Bays Charitable Foundation" and its main working name is "Frustrated Communication" which helps to describe a large part of what it does.

The wheels keep on turning...

There's still more to do, to get this site fully functioning and it will always need well oiling - but good progress has been made and the engineers seem happy.

If you think we've missed something or if it doesn't seem to work on your computer please contact us by email: WebMaster@frustrated-communication.org.uk

Meanwhile .... A Big Big thank you to all who have supported this work.